Thursday, October 17, 2019

Picture of the day


Apple's iconic New York's cube will reopen its doors to the public today. After 2 years of renovation, one of Manhattan's most recognized landmarks has been entirely reimagined beneath as above. The steel-and-glass cube erected in 2006, has been covered in a semi-reflective multicolored wrap which already delights hurried passerby and tourists. Marie Le Blé / The Daily View



AWARENESS. Sandy Hook Promise, which was founded by families impacted by the tragic shooting at the eponymous elementary school, is releasing a shocking video they say all families need to see. 

UBER DRIVER BITTEN. Uber Driver Yasser Hadi dropped off a passenger in Atlanta when this woman physically attacked him. She snapped his windshield wipers off and then violently bit his side.

Karl Lagerfeld, the most prolific designer of the 20th and 21st centuries and a man whose career formed the prototype of the modern luxury fashion industry, died on Tuesday in Paris. He was 85.

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